you, only you

There's a reason why I don't involve myself with arts and craft, that's why I'm a photography guy. Photography is cleaner and "easier" to maintain. I don't even post process (frankly because I am terrible at it, but I'm learning). However, today I broke out the paint and paper. Lesson learned? It's terribly messy. Nothing has changed. There's a reason why they handed out smocks to you in art class when you were little. The paint has a tendency to get everywhere. I'm sure there are splatters on my shirt, but I wouldn't know unless I looked carefully (wearing a tie-dyed shirt). It was a little project for a close and dear friend. Unfortunately I managed to botch up painting even a simply character. I cannot, for the life of me, seem to convey depth and shadows while painting or even drawing. Oh well, at least the deed was done and the project completed. Not without getting paint all over my fingers though, but oddly enough I like that part. I seem to think it makes me seem more "legit. " Maybe I'll do more painting in the future for fun.

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Elizabeth said...

daveyyyy. it was nice seeing you yesterday, if only so briefly.