bucket list

  1. go skydiving.
  2. go bungee jumping.
  3. live in Chicago, Portland, and Seattle.
  4. listen to "Boston" while walking through Boston.
  5. run a marathon.
  6. save someone's life.
  7. totally trick a great girl into marrying a loser like me.
  8. give a speech in front of a thousand people.
  9. make it on the Dean's List. [May 2008]
  10. have one of my pictures published in a magazine.
  11. be a good father.
  12. travel throughout Europe.
  13. provide direct aid in Africa.
  14. trek through Antarctica.
  15. facilitate a peace treaty.
  16. run for an public position.
  17. carry on a serious conversation in a not so serious accent.
  18. perform in a play.
  19. write a song.
  20. play in a band.
  21. find a way to stop popping my joints.
  22. buy a homeless guy/gal dinner and learn about his/her life.
  23. max out a car on the Autobahn.
  24. participate in a poetry slam.
  25. win a talent contest.
  26. perform street magic.
  27. go fishing.
  28. learn how to sail a boat.
  29. make a video blog.
  30. paint a contemporary piece of art and sell it for a stick of gum and a back massage.
  31. ride the Millennium Force two times in a row within a span of 30 minutes.
  32. find the love of my life. (this comes before #7)
  33. go horseback riding.
  34. teach a class.
  35. learn how to take better photographs.
  36. fly a helicopter.
  37. write a book.
  38. learn how to ski/snowboard
  39. climb a mountain. [December 2007]
  40. swim with dolphins. [January 2008]
  41. break a world record.
  42. eat anything I want with no regard to my health for one day. [August 2008]
  43. direct and film a video. [April 2008]
  44. win the lottery.
  45. go streaking.
  46. expand the amount of readers of this blog from a meager few to a meager few plus one. [August 2008]
  47. read the major holy books cover to cover.
  48. draw a successful cartoon.
  49. invest in a risky venture and win big.
  50. learn how to play the guitar and piano.
  51. beat "Jordan" on expert.
  52. participate in 'Fight Club.'
  53. perform a hand puppet show for my kids.
  54. paint the school rock before I graduate.
  55. learn how to speak five other languages.
  56. learn how to sign language.
  57. jump off a cliff and into a pool of water.
  58. dance to "It had to be you" by Frank Sinatra with my wife in our darken living room.
  59. sing a song at a karaoke bar.
  60. live in New Zealand.
  61. learn Parkour.
  62. clean out the spare room.
  63. paint the house.
  64. visit Scotland.
  65. visit the wild West.
  66. feed one of the fat squirrels at school.
  67. stargaze in an open field whilst lying on a blanket, telescope near by.
  68. watch a play on Broadway.
  69. make a scrapbook.
  70. be in a movie.
  71. have someone ask me for my autograph.
  72. be a good older brother.
  73. be a good son.
  74. win a stuffed animal from a claw machine.
  75. learn how to harmonize.
  76. be a cop for a day; pull irresponsible drivers over.
  77. buy a store in front of a rude employee and fire him/her on the spot.
  78. speak at a press conference.
  79. visit Iceland.
  80. get crow's feet and wrinkles from laughing.
  81. confront my demons.


Ellie said...

so sweet! i want to do this, too! i loved the movie, though! did you?

Marla said...

I know you probably won't believe this, but number 31 IS possible. I've done it :) As for 60, haven't you done that?