sentimental value

When I first laid eyes on it, nothing seemed to pop. It was so plain in design, minimalist and somewhat drab. It's just a jacket and what the hell is the north face?

That was roughly eight years ago and I still wear that jacket to this day. Granted, most of the fleece lining has fallen off and it has seen better days. Wind passes right through it like Mexican food through my digestive tract. Nowadays I mostly keep it around for sentimental purposes.

Throughout its lifespan, I've done some rather crazy things to it. For instance, my first year in high school, I treated the jacket as my personal filing cabinet. The left chest pocket held my cache of class notes all neatly folded and my other pockets contained my writing utensils. The insanity even went as far as carrying a calculator, scissor, mini stapler, highlighter, sticky notes and other miscellaneous items in the jacket. To this day, I'm not quite sure what compelled me to stuff my pocket with all those items, but I am sure I've had a few moments when it has come in handy.

Don't worry. These days, the Denali lives a quieter existence, draped over my body as a personal reminder of days long gone.

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