don't tell me to study, you study!

My amazing plan of locking myself at the library and concentrating on my papers completely failed. I ended up watching the football game online and playing useless flash games during the commercials. I FAIL at life. I seriously have no work ethic to speak of. I was reading Cakalusa's Xanga and I thought he had somehow found out about the lack of work that I do at the office. I had a mini panic attack until I realized that was no way that he could find out, unless my life is a television show. Turns out I was right, the post wasn't about me. My vanity loses again! Good thing though, I still haven't decided whether or not to quit the job. I think I might just stick it out and suck it up for the references.

I decided to be bold today and try something that I've never done before. I enabled the shuffle mode on my iTunes. Gasp, I know. It must be the daredevil in me screaming for release. I am both mildly pleased by the automatic song selection and slightly embarrassed by the poor music tastes. Many songs that I used to listen to in high school finally got the chance to dust off and get airplay again. Some songs were as throughly pleasant as enduring a visit to the dentist. The songs that I didn't like, I deleted almost immediately. Good thing too, because for the first time since I got my iPod I am finally coming close to filling it up. I would rather have it contain songs that I enjoy instead of crap that threatens to shatter my ear drums.

In other pleasant news, my friend Kiwi recorded a voicemail with music from the Jason Mraz concert that she attended tonight. That was pretty sweet of her. I miss her and can't wait for her return to Michigan.

Also, I am throughly ecstatic that Michigan State beat Northwestern today. Good job Green. As for Purple, tough break. Glad you kept yourself pure for us.


Chloe said...

I thought your blog was pretty entertaining. Thanks for the compliments! Also, I just got around to reading your profile and we have really similar tastes in movies, music, and books.

L O O said...

oh there's always next year dave. rub it in some more and i might spit in your dinner that i'll buy you sometime.