from better to worst in 5 minutes flat

I intended to talk about something light hearted and cheerful. Probably use 'Tropic Thunder' as a springboard into more hilarity, but the situation took a turn for the worst after coming out of the movie theatre. First off, the movie is ridiculous. In the sense that it's filled with laughs and extremely crude humour. If that's your cup o' tea, head to your nearest theatre and check it out. Now onto the tragedy. I came out the movie all cheerful and light-hearted. We discussed a few topics on the way to the car. After we got to the car, I realized that I didn't have my wallet on me. That instantly plunges me into alert/panic mode. The only thing on my mind is, Crap I gotta find that wallet! in not so eloquent terms. I crawled around on all fours poking every nook and cranny near our seating location for where it could be. I even rooted around in a trash can for the off chance that I or someone else had thrown it in there. No luck. It really sucks to lose something that important. I guess you don't realize it until it actually happens. The rest of the night, I was sick to my stomach. Filing a useless police report did not put me at ease. By the way, I think that was a completely pointless usage of time. Trying to find a lost wallet is next to impossible. I think the officer who typed up the report was trying to convey that notion to me through his uninterested eyes.

I suck at life sometimes. New lesson learned: don't put anything important in gym shorts.


eccles3 said...


hope you are feeling better today.
why is my layout on my blog all screwy?

are you still at home? want to hang out? its helen's last day here today

Ellie said...

I'll make sure not to put anything important in gym shorts! Actually, I can't because mine don't have pockets.. I am so sorry to hear about what happened. But what goes down must come up, right? Yeah, you're right. sorry, stupid cliche. I hope it works for you, though. Maybe I'll hear from you at my blog?

Ellie said...

ha ha! Thanks for the amusing comments on my blog post. They really perked me up! :D Good luck with the 21 day challenge deal. Thanks SO MUCH for the hyperlink info! I am eeexxxxccciiiitttteeeeddd now!

have a good day. :-)